Lewis & Clark’s Journey Through Washington State

The adventures of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in what is now State of Washington were among the most important, vivid, and compelling episodes of the entire journey. The Corps of Discovery made its epic journey through present-day Washington in the fall of 1805 and spring of 1806.

The Route

  1. History of the Journey Through Washington

    Get started by learning the history of the journey.

  2. The Corps of Discovery Enters Washington

    Learn about the entrance into Washington.

  3. Sacajawea State Park - Reaching the Columbia River

    Read about the group reaching the Columbia River.

  4. Proceeding Down the Columbia

    Browse information on the trip down the river.

  5. Maryhill State Park - at the East End of the Gorge

    Continue following the exciting journey of the Corp of Discover.

  6. Columbia Hills State Park

    Discover more about Lewis and Clark's journey between the long and short narrows.

  7. Doug's Beach State Park - the Friendly Village

    See what Lewis and Clark did in current day Doug's Beach State Park.

  1. Beacon Rock State Park

    Get a closer look at the journey through present day Beacon Rock State Park.

  2. Approaching the Coast

    Follow the group as they near the coast.

  3. Station Camp State Park - End of the Voyage

    Continue following the Corp of Discovery as they near the end of their trek.

  4. Fort Columbia State Park - Over the Rocky Point

    See Lewis and Clark's involvement in present day Fort Columbia State Park.

  5. Cape Disappointment State Park

    Find out more about Cape Disappointment State Park's relevance to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

  6. A Shortcut on the Way Home

    Get more information on the shortcut.

  7. The Return Home

    Browse details on the last leg of the journey.