These circular, domed tents are made of extra-heavy, durable canvas and have spacious interiors with skylights, screened windows, hardwood floors and locking doors. Traditionally, yurts served as strong shelters for nomadic people in Asia. Yurts sleep up to six people.
  1. Cape Disappointment State Park

    Cape Disappointment is a 1,882-acre camping park on the Long Beach Peninsula, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Grayland Beach State Park

    Grayland Beach State Park is a 412-acre, year-round, marine camping park with 7,449 feet of spectacular ocean frontage in Southwest Washington.

  3. Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

    Kanaskat-Palmer State Park is a 320-acre camping park on a small, low plateau in a natural forest setting in the Green River Gorge.

  4. Pacific Beach State Park

    Pacific Beach State Park is a 10-acre camping park located on the Washington Coast of the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Paradise Point State Park

    Paradise Point State Park is an 88-acre camping park with 6,180 feet of freshwater shoreline, immediately east of the interstate in Southwest Washington.

  2. Seaquest State Park

    Seaquest State Park is a 475-acre, year-round camping park near Mount St. Helens.

  3. Twin Harbors State Park

    Twin Harbors State Park is a 172-acre camping park on the Pacific coast, four miles south of Westhaven.