Greenwater / Yakima

Manastash Ahtanum Guard Station Ahtanum Meadows Bear Creek Bethel Ridge / Soup Creek Boulder Cave Cold Creek Crow Creek Fish Creek Kaner Flats Little Naches / 1904 Milk Creek Nile Pinegrass Rattlesnake Lower Rock Creek Upper Rock Creek South Fork Tieton Spring Creek Tieton Airstrip Pyramid Creek Snowmobile Sno-Parks in the Greenwater / Yakima Area
  1. Pyramid Creek
  2. Little Naches/ 1904
  3. Kaner Flats
  4. Crow Creek
  5. Milk Creek
  6. Manastash
  7. Boulder Cave
  8. Spring Creek
  9. Upper Rock Creek
  10. Lower Rock Creek
  11. Nile
  12. Rattlesnake
  13. Bear Creek
  14. Bethel Ridge/Soup Creek
  15. Cold Creek
  16. Tieton Airstrip
  17. Fish Creek
  18. Pine Grass
  19. South Fork Tieton
  20. Ahtanun Meadows
  21. Ahtanum Guard Station

Pyramid Creek Pyramid Creek

Snoqualmie Ranger District-Enumclaw

Emergency Contact Info:
King County Sheriff's Office
Pierce County Sheriff's Office

Snowmobile Sno-Park Shelter Restrooms

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Directions: 1 mile east of Greenwater. Highway 410 to USFS Road 70 east for 9.4 miles
Elevation: 2,720 feet
110 spaces.

Trails: 1.) Naches Connection      2.) 70 / Government Meadow / Naches Pass     
Trail system 68 miles
Shelter, scenic view points, no sanitary facilities

Sno-Park Permit required during the season
Exception: From April 1 to 30, a Sno-Park Permit may or may not be required.

Please obey posted signs indicating whether a permit is needed. Contact the local agency listed for each Sno-Park for more information.

Special Events:
Sno-Park is open to all visitors during special events. Arrive early to secure a parking space. When parking lot is full, please proceed to the next Sno-Park.

Please note:
After periods of extreme weather, work crews may be on trails during the day to clear debris or drifts. Please exercise caution.

2017-2018 SEASON

2017-2018 Grooming Calendar

11/30/17: There will be no grooming as there is not enough snow yet.

Alert: Watch out for week day winter logging trucks on the 1600 road up to the sno-park, and west of the sno-park.

Groomer: R & R Grooming
Grooming reports are updated when trail grooming information is provided. Reports are posted Monday thru Saturday. No updates on Sundays or holidays.

Schedule is subject to change.