Moran Mount Constitution Interpretive Center

New Moran Interpretive Facility Option 1 Perspective

New Moran Interpretive Facility Option 1 Perspective

New Moran Interpretive Facility Option 2 Perspecitive

New Moran Interpretive Facility Option 2 Perspective

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is undertaking a new Interpretive Center containing significant interpretive exhibits on the Summit of Mount Constitution in Moran State Park. These new exhibits will help visitors appreciate the importance of Mount Constitution in the context of their journey to the park, the summit, and, for those who are able to climb, the Observation Tower. They will understand the geological origins of the mountain, its unique ecology, and why human and natural communities have been drawn to it for thousands of years.

Thank you so much for participating in our design survey. The rectangular plan in Option 1 was the overall favorite! Yes, we plan to salvage the trees that fell this past winter, mill the timber locally and incorporate the materials in the building and exhibits.

Using your survey input Zervas Group Architects is finalizing Interpretive Center building design. Creo Industrial Arts with EDX, are concurrently designing the interior and exterior interpretive exhibits. This facility is scheduled to be built by the end of 2021.


Contact information:

Barbara Alten, CPC
Northwest Region Office
220 N Walnut Street
Burlington, WA 98233-1138
(360) 755-5262