Beacon Rock Entrance Road Realignment

Map showing Entrance Road Relocation Area Potential Effects

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission undergoing a planning process to renovate the main park entrance at Beacon Rock State Park. The project primarily addresses traffic and visitor safety where State Route 14 (SR 14) intersects the entrance to Beacon Rock. The purpose of the project is to design safer parking, realign or relocate the vehicle entrance, and analyze how to best separate pedestrians from vehicles. The current road alignment and campground entrance road was designed in the 1930s and requires improvements with an increase in park visitation, volume and speed of vehicles along this segment of SR 14, and to address pedestrian/vehicle conflicts.

The first phase of this project includes a “predesign” report for submission to the Office of Financial Management in 2019. The report answers questions about the overall project, but focuses on identifying the preferred alternative for improvements at the entrance.

The predesign project schedule will be posted as dates for major milestones and meetings are finalized.

Summary of Project Description

The project proposes to address parking, traffic flow on SR 14, and pedestrian safety in the historic core of the park at the base of Beacon Rock. Many options will be considered in the alternatives phase of the predesign report and could include:

  • Lowering and realigning the highway near the Kueffler Road intersection to beyond the park facilities and parking area east of Beacon Rock
  • Closing or realigning the existing campground entrance at the SR 14 intersection
  • Construction of a roundabout system on SR 14 in the vicinity of the Beacon Rock historic area
  • Addressing pedestrian safety crossing SR 14 with a pedestrian bridge, tunnel, or some other manner not yet considered
  • Locating new vehicle parking areas separated from SR 14 at the base of Beacon Rock

Take the survey

State Parks is undergoing a planning process to address traffic and visitor safety on State Route 14. You are invited to help us understand traffic issues more fully by answering our survey. Results from the survey will be used to improve traffic conditions at our entrance. The project area is primarily located at the base of Beacon Rock between mile post 34.7 near the Kueffler Road intersection and mile post 35 adjacent to the east parking lot. The project proposes to realign or relocate the vehicle entrance to the campground, address safety at the Kueffler Road intersection, provide additional or separated visitor parking, and design a safe way for pedestrians to cross the highway.

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For questions contact:

Michael Hankinson, Parks Planner
(360) 725-9756
PO Box 42650
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