South Cascades

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  1. Skate Creek
  2. Johnson Creek
  3. Orr Creek
  4. Wakepish
  5. Marble Mountain
  6. Cougar
  7. Lone Butte
  8. Governmental Mineral Springs
  9. Smith Butte
  10. Flattop
  11. Snow King
  12. Atkisson

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Skate Creek (PDF)

Cowlitz Valley Ranger District
Phone: 360-497-1100

Emergency Contact Info:
Lewis County Sheriff's Office
Phone: 360-740-1105


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Directions: 4 miles north of Packwood. Highway 12 east to Skate Creek Road/USFS Road 52 north to USFS Rd 47
Elevation: 1,550 feet
20 spaces.

Trail system 27 miles

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Sno-Park Permit Required November thru April or as posted.

Please obey posted signs indicating whether a permit is needed. Contact the local agency listed for each Sno-Park for more information.

Please note:
After periods of extreme weather, work crews may be on trails during the day to clear debris or drifts. Please exercise caution.

2018-2019 SEASON 

2018-2019 Grooming Calendar

Grooming Update: 3/8/19
Skate Creek- groomed from the park to the 47-84-84-5240-52. Snowing hard on the Ashford side today!

Grooming Update: 3/2/19

Skate Creek- groomed from the park- SC-47-84-84-5240-52-SC

Cleared several trees, snow still deep up top, clear sunny day!

Grooming Update: 2/22 & 2/23/19- Skate Creek

Started grooming on Friday and finished up on Saturday. Broke a tie rod Friday night over on the Ashford side. Left the groomer, got parts, snowmobiled back Saturday, fixed the groomer,  then finished the park. Opened up the 5240 on Saturday. Route- 47-84-84-5240-84-47. Snow was deep!

Groomer: Back Country Plowing and Grooming

Grooming reports are updated when trail grooming information is provided. Reports are posted Monday thru Saturday. No updates on Sundays or holidays.

Schedule is subject to change.