Pumpout Pointers

Useful Tips

  • Consider using a mobile pumpout service if you don't want to service the holding tank yourself.
  • Use disposable gloves and wash your hands when you are done.
  • Expensive breakdowns may occur when the marina's sewer line gets clogged because of inadequate rinsing. Flushing water through the system is cheap preventative maintenance and helps prevent odor.
  • Find a pumpout station. It takes less than 2 minutes to pump the waste out of a 15 gallon holding tank.
  • Follow pumpout instructions.
  • If instructions aren't posted or aren't clear, ask the marina operator. Encourage the marina operator to post easy-to-understand instructions. The cost of informational signs can come from program funds.
  • Keep your marine sanitation device in good operating condition.
  • Pump sewage holding tanks only. Pumpouts and waste treatment systems are not designed to handle oily bilge water or solid objects.
  • Turn pump off when finished pumping. This simple action will prolong the life of the pump and conserve electricity.
  • To help prevent clogs, use rapid dissolving marine toilet tissue specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Use environmentally compatible holding tank deodorants.
  • Use public toilets on shore whenever possible.
  • When finished with pumpout, rinse water through the system for one minute.