Life Jacket Loaner Program

In partnership with the Washington Drowning Prevention Network, the State Parks Boating Program provides life jackets through a free statewide life jacket loaner program.

When you go out boating and don’t have a life jacket or find yours doesn’t fit properly, you can visit a loaner station and borrow an infant, child, youth or adult life jacket for the day or weekend—at no charge. When finished, simply return the life jackets to the same station.

Life jacket loaner stations are located at marinas, near boat ramps or paddlecraft launch sites and at various state parks.

Children Wearing Life Jackets
  1. Find a site
  2. Host a site
  3. Fitting a jacket

Borrow a life jacket at any of the 180+ free life jacket loaner stations statewide. Use the interactive map below to find a loaner station near you, or view a detailed list of all the life jacket loaner sites (PDF).

If you’re not near a loaner site, contact the local sheriff or police department as they may have life jackets to loan.