Fort Casey State Park

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September 30, 2019 3:27 PM


The boat launch at Fort Casey is a high priority project for State Parks, and we are working towards construction as quickly as we can. The boat launch is open throughout the year but we are managing the docks seasonally because of the significant damage to the area. We plan on redeploying the docks in the first week of May.

On Dec. 20, 2018 ,a high wind event caused an existing breakwater structure to fail. This structure served to protect the boat ramp and floating dock system. When the wooden breakwater structure failed, it was pushed into the floating docks with such force that it knocked over one of four massive concrete pilons, damaged the docks, and forced them to break loose. The same storm caused significant erosion along the southwest facing beach, placing a restroom and associated electrical transformer at risk.

Park staff were able to enlist the help of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) for funding and are currently working with them, a private consulting firm, Island County, and numerous other entities on navigating planning reviews and permitting that are required to restore this facility to fully operational. The boat ramp will be fully operational with a new protective breakwater structure, replacement of the destroyed pilon, installation of additional pilons, repair to the damaged docks and abutments, and finally the return of both full sets of docks.

In the meantime, we have permission to seasonally install and remove one partial string of docks for boaters to use. Without the breakwater structure, the docks are unprotected from the damaging winter weather and hence the seasonal removals. The docks are currently out and will be returned to the water the first week of May. They will be seasonally removed from the water again in October 2020.

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